Adult Skill-Building

Learning more to earn well.

The BakerRipley Adult Skills program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at connecting community members with valuable resources, education, and opportunities to enhance their skills and improve their career prospects. Through a variety of programs and services, BakerRipley is dedicated to fostering upward mobility and empowering individuals to attain a sustainable income and establish a lasting legacy for their families.


Adult Education and Career Opportunities

Our programs range widely across skills and careers. From learning how to use new technologies to identifying and meeting your long-term career goals, we’re here to support you.

Explore our classes to find the one (or few) that are right for you!

Our Adult Education Digital Skills program helps you access information, resources and connect to online communities on a computer or mobile device. We also help you learn technology skills to reach your personal, education and professional goals.

Adult Education students receive personalized coaching to help them succeed. Coaches can help students identify personal priorities, set goals, and connect to available resources.

Our Employer Connections services address your workforce needs to support you in industries such as construction, manufacturing, information technology, and healthcare. This includes English classes, industry credentialing and connecting you with graduates of our IT professionals training program.


To learn more about our Employer Connections services, contact our Employer Engagement team by email or give us a call.

Tech Equity is a FREE IT certification and coaching program. This program helps you explore career options and training in the technology (IT) industry in a supportive environment.

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